couple-huggingWhy retire to college community? There are several reasons why you should consider the idea as they are fast becoming the ideal place to retire!

- Most urban colleges offer affordable housing

- College communities have  more cultural activities and events to participate in

- Top college communities have seen a rise in the relocation of retirees who probably are moving from the big city life and prefer the atmosphere of quaint neighborhoods, friendly people, and beautiful landscapes.

Across the nation, an increasing number of people are retiring to college communities. The atmosphere is extremely attractive to retirees. Several college towns, including the University of Tennessee at Martin, offer continuing education courses that are conducive to seniors who wish to expand their knowledge.

While living in a big city has its advantages, a college community is an ideal place to retire due its aesthetic value, its historic settings, arts and entertainment, quality water and a host of activities available year round. Something you won't see in a small town- traffic! Weakley County has little to no traffic- we'll leave that one for the big cities.

You get a little bit of everything if you retire in a college community --cultural activities, athletic events, educational opportunities, and excellent medical facilities--which make them perfect places to retire. It's no wonder that they are becoming some of our most popular retirement destinations.